Seal of the Federated States of Micronesia


FSM 保険委員会は、キャプティブ保険会社の設立を検討されている日本のパートナーの皆様を特別に歓迎いたします。FSMは、日本企業のニーズにお応えするサービスを提供できる稀有なキャプティブ設立地です。このサービスには以下が含まれます。


The FSM Insurance Board would like to extend a special welcome to our partners in Japan who may be considering forming a captive insurance company. The FSM is the only captive insurance domicile in the world that is committed to exclusively servicing the needs of Japanese businesses. This commitment includes:

We would like to open a dialogue with you, tell you our story, and hope to open up new partnerships together. A captive insurance company is a powerful tool that leading entrepreneurs all over the world are using to better manage and finance their risks. The FSM is ready to work with your business to help you achieve your goals. Please contact us today.